Water Polo


Kids Water Polo Los Angeles

Water polo is a great sport for kids. Did you know that water polo players don’t touch the bottom of the pool when they’re playing? They’re using their legs to keep their upper bodies out of the water all the time.  It’s great exercise!
Children as young as 5 can play water polo. Many water polo clubs offer Splash Ball, a non-contact form of water polo, for the younger players.

Boys and Girls Water Polo

Like many other sports, teams are formed by sex and age level. You’ll see girls 6 and under, boys 8 and under, etc., often abbreviated as 6U, 8U, etc. A nine-year old can play with the 10U team, or if he or she is ready for it, they can play with the 12U or even the 14U team, but they can’t play with the 8U team.
Water polo is played in very tight bathing suits, Speedos for the boys, water polo suits for the girls, to provide as little material as possible for opponents to pull. If your child wants to try water polo, take them in their regular bathing suit. If they love it and want to continue, then get them a water polo suit.

Club Water Polo

Until high school age, water polo club teams are pretty much the only game. If an incoming high school freshman wants to try the sport for the first time, the school may offer a summer water polo camp to see if they like it and prepare kids for the school year.