UCLA Recreational Camps

UCLA Recreation’s Summer Youth Programs offers a wide variety of summer camps for children in grades K-12. Located at UCLA, the camps — Bruin Tots, Bruin Kids, Bruins on Broadway, and Camps Explore, Voyager, Adventure and Extreme — emphasize each child’s needs and personal development within a group setting.

UCLA Summer Camp Activities for younger children feature cooperative play and include indoor/outdoor games, arts and crafts, swimming and field trips. For elementary children, camps focus on areas of interest: science, sports, acting,creative thinking, performance, and arts and crafts. Secondary school students can enjoy week long programs in surfing, sailing and rock climbing, as well as educational exploration, in our adventure camps. outdoor family movies are also available.

  • Camp Bruin Tots: pre and entering kindergarten only
  • Camp Bruin Kids Level A: kindergarten through 1st grade
  • Camp Bruin Kids Level B and C: 2nd through 5h grade
  • Camp Explore: 2nd through 5th grade
  • Bruins on Broadway: 3rd through 10th grade
  • Bruins on Water: 3rd through 5th grade
  • Camp Voyager: 6th through 10th grade
  • Camp Adventure: 6th through 10th grade